Installation and Activation of REF-N-WRITE

This video explains how to purchase, install and activate REF-N-WRITE writing tool.

Improve Written Language using REF-N-WRITE

This video explains how non-native English speakers and novice beginners can use REF-N-WRITE to improve their writing skills.

REF-N-WRITE Writing Software

REF-N-WRITE is a Microsoft Word Add-in that helps you to look-up into previous documents in real-time while you write to gather content and language style ideas.

Import and Search Documents using REF-N-WRITE

This video tutorial explains how to import documents and search in REF-N-WRITE.

REF-N-WRITE Introductory Webinar

This video walks through all the features of REF-N-WRITE Academic Writing Tool. Referencing tools, academic phrasebank and paraphasing tools are discussed in detail.