This page answers some of the common questions asked by our subscribers. Feel free to drop us an email if you have any queries, we will be more than happy to help. We are constantly on the look out for ideas to improve REF-N-WRITE’s functionality, so please don’t be shy let us know your thoughts.

What languages does REF-N-WRITE support?

At the moment, REF-N-WRITE only supports English language. In the future, it will support European languages, we will keep you posted on this.

Does REF-N-WRITE work in both Windows and Mac?

Yes, REF-N-WRITE works on Windows, Mac and Online Office. Please note Windows is a desktop application, whereas Mac and Online Office versions are Web Addins. There will be some differences in GUI appearance and features between both versions.

I can't find REF-N-WRITE Tab within Microsoft Word, how do I enable it?

REF-N-WRITE Tab sometimes disappears after Windows or Office update. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Microsoft Word -> File -> Options -> Add-ins.
  2. Click the ‘Go’ button next to COM Add-ins at the bottom.
  3. Now select the REF_N_WRITE_AddIn and click the ‘OK’ button to reenable the REF-N-WRITE Tab.
  4. Now REF-N-WRITE Tab will reappear on Microsoft Word.

Please go through the following video for detailed instructions.

Is REF-N-WRITE safe to install?

REF-N-WRITE is a Microsoft Word Add-in so we had to test the software rigorously to make sure there are no issues. If it is not safe, MS Word would have blocked it instantly during installation.

My anti-virus software attempted to block the software during installation, is it normal?

Yes, it is normal. Any software executable file downloaded from the internet will be viewed suspiciously by the anti-virus software. So don’t worry just disable the anti-virus for a couple of minutes and reactivate once installation is complete.

Do I have to pay again for renewal after 1 year?

No it is a one off payment, we like to keep it simple and economical for you. You also get free yearly updates for free.

What type of files can be imported into REF-N-WRITE?

At the moment REF-N-WRITE Windows supports MS word, PDF and text files, we are in the process of adding webpages too, so lookout for the updates. Please note, you can only import PDF files in the Mac and Online Office versions.

Can I import really large files into REF-N-WRITE?

Of course you can, but the maximum limit on the pages is 400; this is to avoid crashing MS word while importing.

Why did you create REF-N-WRITE in the first place?

I had to write a lot of scientific journal papers as part of my job. I used to spend a lot of money and time on proof reading and getting feedback from my colleagues. I decided to create a tool that will help me improve the quality of writing without having to rely on others.

Where are the imported documents stored?

They are stored in a folder called REF-N-WRITE under MyDocuments in your PC. Please don’t touch it, you might corrupt something.

Can transfer the imported documents to a different computer or should I do it all over again?

No need, just copy the REF-N-WRITE folder in MyDocuments to the new computer. It will work perfectly, but you may not be able to open the full text since it would be in your old computer.