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Academic writing requires that the ideas be communicated in a formal written language using appropriate scientific words. Ref-n-write’s reword tool is designed to help students and academics write their research papers and doctoral theses. The rewording tool enables users to reword sentences by offering scientific word replacements.

This is a powerful feature in addition to the paraphrasing tool and academic phrasebank that is already available in the tool. The Paraphrasing tool modifies the structure whereas the rewording tool allows words to be replaced without changing the structure. The powerful combination of Ref-n-write’s reword tool, paraphrasing tool and academic phrasebank makes Ref-n-Write one of the best research tools available out there. Initial testing of the feature has shown that the non-native English speaking academics and international students found this feature very useful. In addition, this tool serves a dual purpose and can also be used to reduce plagiarism in the documents by replacing certain words with their synonyms. Click here to see the video of rewording tool in action rewording sentences and paragraphs.

How do you Reword a Sentence?

Rewording a sentence entails finding the keywords, replacing non-keywords with synonyms, ensuring the message is intact, and, ultimately, ensuring the flow and writing style are preserved.

Is there an App that will Reword Sentences and paragraphs?

Of Course!! Ref-n-write is perfect for rewording and rephrasing Paragraphs. With Ref-n-write, you can Reword Sentences, Paragraphs and even full manuscripts. Its integration with Microsoft word makes the number of words it can process limitless. It can also be used to cross reference and search the source materials utilised for your writing. It is an application that can be used as an add-in for Microsoft Word on both Mac and Windows systems.

How does Ref-n-write’s rewording tool work?

In the previous version of Ref-n-write, the word choices were only provided for individual words and color-coded according to the frequency of occurrence in the previous scientific documents. In the new version, it is possible to reword paragraphs with one click. The word replacements are sorted in the order of frequency of appearance in the previous papers. The following figure shows a snapshot of the Ref-n-write’s rewording tool.

Getting Word Choices from Rewording Tool
Getting Word Choices from Rewording Tool

This feature upgrade is included based on feedback from existing Ref-n-write users. Whether you are rewording sentences or entire paragraphs, the tool is pretty quick with the results. The tool has been designed to work offline. Unlike other tools out there which require you to be connected to the internet to use the rewording features, the Ref-n-write’s reword tool uses a local database to provide word replacement suggestions.

How is Ref-n-write’s rewording tool different from other tools available online?

Ref-n-write’s machine learning algorithm has been trained and fine-tuned to provide scientific word replacements without compromising the meaning of the sentence. Most of the tools out there simply offer a long list of synonyms. Ref-n-write’s reword tool only offers words that are directly replaceable without introducing errors. The rewording tool looks at the parts of speech of each word and executes an algorithm by considering the previous and next words and selectively offering word substitutions with good accuracy.

How can I combine Ref-n-write’s rewording tool with other features to improve my writing?

The rewording tool can be combined with the academic phrasebank, paraphrasing tool and read aloud feature to enhance the writing experience. The academic phrasebank will provide academic writing ideas in the form of phrase templates. This can be used to draft the paragraph. Then the paraphrasing tool can be used to restructure the sentence and remove any grammatical errors. Finally, the rewording tool can be used to replace some of the colloquial or informal words with more scientific sounding synonyms. One of the effective methods to proof-read written text is by reading out loud, and even better, getting somebody to read it out. This enables the user to mentally visualise how the text would be read by the target audience. Ref-n-write’s Read aloud feature provides text to speech conversion. The user can use this feature to listen to the written text to check if it flows well and to pick up any grammatical anomalies.

This will guarantee that the final text is free of plagiarism, grammatical errors is of good academic standard. Another benefit of rewording tool is that it is a perfect tool for improving the vocabulary. This is very vital for non-native English speakers and international students. The rewording tool is in a sense a paraphrasing tool without making any modification to the sentence structure. So if a user prefers to maintain the order of words and still would like to rewrite the text, rewording tool is a perfect feature to use.

What is the Best Website to Reword Paragraphs?

You can try the Ref-n-write’s rewording tool on the website; however it is recommended to install the plugin on your Microsoft Word as it offers more options and is easy to use. If you Google rewording tool, you will get an endless list of results. These websites are just not adequate for academic writing.

There is genuinely no best website, but a good rewording, rephrasing or paraphrasing website must give an output that follows our steps to paraphrasing correctly. Once the keywords are not changed, the meaning and flow are retained, all synonyms used are adequate replacements of the previous words, and essential information in the text is retained, you have a good website. All these checks have been built into Ref-n-write. So why not try Ref-n-write today?

How do you reword an essay?

The process of rewording should go beyond simply substituting synonyms for other words. You must make sure that every sentence retains its original meaning and that the overall flow and writing style of the essay is not altered in any way. Our techniques for effective rewording will assist you in accomplishing all of these goals. Always make sure that you do not substitute synonyms for the keywords in the essay.

Is there a Website that will Reword sentence?

There are so many websites for rewriting essays, and I’ve had the opportunity to use the premium versions of a number of them. I must say that none of them come close to providing the features that Ref-n-write does. They are inadequate for academic writing. As a result, relying on these websites is not advisable if you are writing scientific text. You can try Ref-n-write’s Rewording tool on the website to test out the feature.

What are the future updates can we expect to Ref-n-write’s rewording tool?

There are some exciting updates planned for the rewording tool. At the moment, the reword tool can be used for rewording sentences and paragraphs. In the next version, it would be possible to reword the entire document at once. In addition to providing multiple word replacement suggestions, it will also provide the user with the preferred word for replacement. The new updates can be checked by clicking the ‘Check for updates’ button in the Ref-n-write ribbon tab on Windows. In Mac, Ref-n-write is a WebAddin and hence the latest version will automatically be updated .